Go All In: Winning the Bet on Circular Solutions

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, September 12 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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Location: Innovation Stage 3 (C-2058)

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Title: Go All In: Winning the Bet on Circular Solutions


Dow will showcase our holistic approach to improving the life cycle of packaging, from production to recycling, emphasizing the positive impact of closing the loop.

  • The first step towards a packaging circular economy is to design for end-of-life to ensure the package can be efficiently recycled or repurposed, thus reducing waste to landfill and promoting resource recovery.
  • Incorporating PCR materials, such as the innovative REVOLOOP technology, enhances circularity in packaging applications, supporting ESG and PCR incorporation legislation.
  • Minimizing the carbon footprint is the ultimate ESG goal, achieved through the use of low-carbon or biobased materials and lightweighting techniques, which reduce energy consumption during production and transportation.

 Working Together we can accelerate the move to a circular future.

This session is in-person only and is not available on-demand.

Type: Innovation Stage


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