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About Closed Loop Recycling

Founded in 1995, Closed Loop Recycling (CLR) prides itself on offering the largest line of reusable absorbents in the country. We have helped 800+ clients divert over 25 million pounds of solid waste and over 1.9 million gallons of non-hazardous fluids, which are extracted from the absorbents used on our clients’ plant floors. All of this is possible thanks to our proprietary process where absorbents are laundered for reuse, drums are steam cleaned for redistribution, and the absorbed fluids are recycled. This process does not generate wastewater as a by-product, use hazardous solvents, or create a manifest. Furthermore, we also launder gloves and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with the same eco-friendly process. As such, we specialize in helping companies nationwide achieve green initiatives and critical waste reduction goals such as Zero Landfill and ISO14001 certification.


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Closed Loop Recycling is an industrial launderer. We have developed a process to clean and reuse absorbents, wipers, and personal protective equipment materials to refine all non-hazardous fluids extracted from those materials. Helping industrial businesses reach their sustainability goals, green initiatives, and environmental certifications since 1996.