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About Bramidan US Inc

Turn Waste into Wealth: Your Path to Greener, Smarter, and Profitable Packing

🌱 Unleash Profit from Recyclable Waste: Say hello to Bramidan US Inc. – your passport to a greener planet and a fatter wallet.

📦 Pack Expo Premiere: Join us at booth SU-7817, designed exclusively for the savvy minds of the packing industry. Safety, sustainability, efficiency – it's all here, tailored just for you.

Our Promise: Revolutionizing Recycling

At Bramidan, we're not just about boxes; we're about boxes that make money. Elevate your eco-friendly game with our top-notch recycling gear.

🔹 Vertical Balers: Your secret weapon for slashing waste, saving time, and boosting profits.
🔹 Horizontal Balers: Pack a punch with compact, high-density bales – the game-changer for your bottom line.
🔹 Compactors: Crush the waste, amplify the efficiency – a win-win for both your workspace and the environment.
🔹 Service & Repair: We've got your back – seamless support to keep your recycling engine purring.
🔹 BRA-IN Monitoring Technology: Smart solutions that keep you ahead of the recycling curve.
🔹 Rental Options: No strings attached – experience the power of our machines without commitment.

💡 Why Balers? The Dollars and Sense of it All

Q: "Why a baler?"
A: Our balers shrink your waste volume by up to 90%, slashing transport and disposal expenses. Businesses like yours can typically save over 50% on these costs with a baler, leading to a cleaner, safer workspace and a speedy return on investment.

🌍 Green Superpowers: Rescuing the Planet, One #Bale at a Time

Q: "How does a baler save the planet?"
A: Toss recyclables like cardboard into our balers, hit the cycle button, and voilà – dense, easy-to-recycle bales ready for action. By recycling right, you're championing a circular economy and helping to keep valuable materials out of landfills.

💰 Money Talks: Turning Trash into Treasure

Q: "But how do I make money?"
A: Think of your baler as a money-making magician. Those bales? They're your golden ticket to extra income. Sell them to your local recycling plant and wave goodbye to bloated transport fees. Modern recycling, pure profit.

🌐 Join the Bramidan Revolution

🌟 We're not newcomers to this game – since 1975, we've been transforming recyclable waste into wealth. With a global presence spanning 10 countries, Bramidan's cutting-edge machinery is at your service, no matter your industry. Retail, industry, hospitality, or the public sector – we've got your back.

👉 Ready to Dive In? Visit for a front-row seat to the recycling revolution. Whether you want info, quotes, or a chance to partner with us, we've got it all.

Unveil the future of packing – efficient, sustainable, and profitable. Let's reshape waste, one #bale at a time. 🌏📦💰

Offers support for Small-Medium Sized Businesses PACK EXPO Green

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Currently Exporting: Yes

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  • Agents/Distributors
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  • Caribbean
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Sustainable Solution Description

Bramidan's line of vertical and horizontal balers provide a sustainable, modern solution to recycling and waste management. Compressing waste by up to 90%, companies save significantly on transport cost and frequency, reducing CO2 emissions and keeping recyclables (Cardboard, paper, aluminum, etc.) out of landfills. The contaminant-free recyclables are then recirculated into the economy, benefiting the environment and reducing our customers' carbon footprint.