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Primary Packaging Inc. is here to help with your packaging needs! 

We serve the industrial and retail market with high-quality, heavy-duty plastic packaging for all applications. Our six state-of-the-art multi-layer blown film extrusion lines have the capability of producing up to 3-layer heavy duty films. The film contains UV protection, anti-block, anti-skid and anti-static additives in any film color with an extensive range of gauge capabilities.

We have a wide variety of specialized plastic films, including recyclable materials. PPI is able to print large repeats up to 10 colors with UV coating - solvent & water base inks. We are capable of converting into a wide variety of styled films, single wound sheeting, separated bags, sideweld, twinseal, bag on roll etc.

We provide cutting-edge packaging solutions such as the one and only ConservaCube™. Once the ConservaCube™ is purchased, the packaging has the potential to become something more. Unboxing the experience of traditional packaging, the ConservaCube™ design has the ability to “wow” consumers, setting the product apart from traditional packaging, not just the competition. This innovative approach to packaging allows us to be a differentiator within the flexible packaging industry. The ConservaCube™ is the perfect club store package - it is ready to sell right off of the pallet! It’s improved stack-ability and superior visibility make it ready for the sales floor without any additional labor required for handling or display. The ConservaCube™ also provides freight savings, the space efficient and stackable design allows you to take full advantage of your freight, warehousing and delivery systems.
The ConservaCube™, unlike traditional standup gusseted pouches, is made from one material, making it more readily recyclable. This, combined with the Cubes freight and warehousing benefits helps support sustainability initiatives.

PPI is the manufacturer of Alert Security Products and tamper evident security bags. PPI is a pioneer in the development of tamper evident security packaging. In addition to manufacturing Alert Security Bags, PPI prints a variety of security overwrap films with application in pharmaceutical, medical, and food packaging. Our Alert Security seal tamper evident closure is engineered to be…simply the best! This adhesive closure system offers maximum security protection with multiple tampering indicators. 

Primary Packaging Inc. offers multiple in-house services including,
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Manufacture products with PCR and Industrial Repro up to 80%. Majority of the products we manufacture are recyclable. We use water-based inks for our flexographic printing process.