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About Dycem Corp

Contamination is a major and growing concern in cleanrooms, critical areas, and controlled environments. This concern applies across a range of industries, including pharmaceutical, automotive, data centers, and electronics. Contamination from feet, wheels, and airborne particles can often be dismissed as simply ‘dust’ or ‘dirt’, but contamination can pose a real danger to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).   

Dycem has over 50 years of expertise and manufactures a polymeric solution to control contamination at floor level. Dycem flooring and mats attract, capture, and retain up to 99.9% of foot and wheel-borne contamination, as well as up to 75% of airborne contamination. Helping companies avoid the risks that contamination can pose, including being a major threat to quality, profitability, health and safety, and reputation. 

We have a variety of independent scientific studies highlighting the efficacy of our contamination control flooring. During manufacturing, BioMaster Antimicrobial Technology is added to all Dycem products. BioMaster is an antimicrobial additive, which uses silver ions to inhibit the growth of microbes on contact.  

Dycem’s commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and product innovation have earned the company recognition across the globe and a vast range of industries. Our contamination control specialists are ready to guide you through the process of installing Dycem, starting with an initial consultation and free site survey.   

Thousands of cleanrooms, critical areas, and controlled environments are already protected by Dycem polymeric contamination control mats and flooring. Our customers include Sony, Lilly, Abbott, Johnson and Johnson, Motorola, Roche, IBM, Pfizer, Rolls Royce, Nestle, Bombardier, Intel, Seagate, Nokia, Honda, BMW, Heinz, and Texas Instruments. 

If you're looking to reduce the risk of contamination in your facility, contact us today to see how we can help. 


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