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Vytauto G 114A Kretinga, Klaipedos 97134

About FlexBlow

FlexBlow manufactures the most flexible PET stretch blow molding equipment, integrates blow trimming, quality control, bag or tray packing into one system, installs and services complete bottling lines, analyses and develops containers and preform designs that work. In-house mold manufacturing and dedicated prototyping infrastructure allow rapid PET container/pre-form prototyping and real-life performance testing.



World's most flexible stretch blow moulding machines | Widest neck and size range | Turn-key systems for blow molding and bottling industries | record-breaking changeover time and floor space.

 All in one stretch blow molding machine:

• Widest neck and size range;

• For cosmetics, hot-fill, jars;

•  For small and large containers;

•  All sizes on one machine;

•  1500 - 26000 bph;

•  For custom & standard bottles;

•  Complete solution;

•  UL, cUL, CE certified;

•  Industry 4.0 compatible;

•  Fully automatic blow molding machine.


Special Preforms

FlexBlow’s special preforms (custom preforms) provide commercial and manufacturing freedom: maximum properties (material, color, additives, geometry, etc) and support at unmatched simplicity and speed.

Maximum properties – material, color, additives, geometry | Stock PET, custom, rPET, hot-fill, PP, biodegradable preforms | Support at unmatched simplicity and speed | Instant offers online.


Integrated Quality Control

Triple neck protection system | Oven control system and airflow regulation | Integrated leak detection system | Patented quality control system.



On-site and online training | Local support | Online monitoring, maintenance, system upgrades, 24/7 live video support | First aid kits | Globally available spare parts.


Energy-saving Molds

FlexBlow develops and manufactures blow molds for any linear and rotary blow molding machines (FlexBlow, SIDEL, SIPA, KHS, Krones, Kosme, etc.).

Patented technological innovations allow us to deliver blow molds with high pressure blowing air reduction at around 25 %.


Container Development

In-house mold manufacturing and dedicated prototyping infrastructure allows rapid PET container/preform prototyping and real-life performance testing. FlexBlow analyses and develops container and preform designs that work.

In-house container engineering and optimization | In-house mould manufacturing | Container and preform prototyping.


BlowPack - Integrated Blowing, Inspection & Palletizing

BlowPack is the world’s first integrated container production, automatic quality control & palletizing machine. BlowPack is designed as a fully automated solution. Load the preforms in the morning, and collect ready-made palletized containers in the evening. BlowPack is equipped with the newest integrated quality control innovations from FlexBlow. From one shape to another, from 50 ml to 6 L – toolless changeovers can be completed in just half an hour.



Product Categories


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Vertical Markets

  • Beverage > Beer
  • Beverage > Coffee
  • Beverage > Dairy
  • Beverage > Drinks, nonalcoholic (energy, sport, etc.)
  • Beverage > Juice
  • Beverage > Powdered beverages
  • Beverage > Soft drinks
  • Beverage > Spirits/liquors
  • Beverage > Tea
  • Beverage > Water
  • Beverage > Wine
  • Cosmetics/Personal Care > Cosmetics/Personal Care
  • Food > Confection/Candy
  • Food > Dairy
  • Food > Grains, Seeds, Beans, Flour, Nuts
  • Food > Other beverage
  • Food > Soups/Condiments/Sauces/Spices/Dips/Dressings
  • Household/Automotive > Detergents/cleaners
  • Household/Automotive > Household/auto chemicals
  • Household/Automotive > Other automotive products
  • Household/Automotive > Other household products
  • Life Sciences/Pharma/Healthcare > Cannabis products
  • Life Sciences/Pharma/Healthcare > Nutraceutical, Vitamin, Dietary Supplement
  • Life Sciences/Pharma/Healthcare > Pharmaceutical
  • Other packaged products > Cannabis products
  • Other packaged products > Chemical

Sustainable Solution Description

In 2006 FlexBlow systems converted to all-electric from a 100% green energy plant.