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About BASF Corporation

Polyisobutene (PIB) has been a core business of BASF for more than 90 years. The OPPANOL PIB product family can enable formulations that provide a water vapor barrier/electrical insulation/good adhesion/flexibility at low temperatures/no skin irritation


Product Categories



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Vertical Markets

  • Beverage > Beer
  • Beverage > Dairy
  • Beverage > Drinks, nonalcoholic (energy, sport, etc.)
  • Beverage > Juice
  • Beverage > Water
  • Food > Confection/Candy
  • Food > Dairy
  • Food > Frozen/refrigerated foods
  • Food > Meat/Poultry/Seafood
  • Food > Prepared Foods
  • Life Sciences/Pharma/Healthcare > Medical/Dental Instruments or Supplies
  • Other packaged products > Chemical
  • Other packaged products > Consumer Electronics and Appliances
  • Other packaged products > Paper/Printing
  • Other packaged products > Pet Food/Pet Care
  • Other packaged products > Textiles/Apparel/Footwear

Sustainable Solution Description

OPPANOL ® 10, 12 & 15 SFN BMBcert™ are the first polyisobutene derived from renewable feedstock via mass balance approach and deliver measurable CO2 savings. The certified products thus contribute to sustainable development by saving fossil resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This unique solution enables customers to differentiate their products from competition and helps towards achieving their sustainability goals. All of that without compromising on performance and quality.


  • PIB
  • polyisobutene
  • polyisobutylene