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About Allpax Products

Allpax is an innovative designer and manufacturer of quality retorts and retort accessories. Over the last 30 years, Allpax has maintained a diverse, mature install base including retorts, material handling systems, and fully integrated and automated retort rooms. Allpax equipment is compatible with all forms of packaging currently used in the sterilized product market, from cans and bottles to flexible packaging and semi-rigid containers. Allpax has also continued to expand its capabilities to include state-of-the-art equipment control products, a wide range of system validation services, and an array of accessory products designed to maximize efficiency, safety, and sustainability in the retort room. Allpax continues to offer a very wide range of products to any customer requiring cutting edge custom engineered and custom manufactured solutions for any size food production facility. In addition, the entire line of Allpax equipment is designed, manufactured, and supported right here in the USA.


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Sustainable Solution Description

Allpax Retort Room Resource Recovery Systems can be deployed in new and existing retort operations. Cooling Water Recovery and Steam Heat Recovery systems have beed installed in several large food manufacturing facilities significantly improving their LEED ratings. Allpax sustainability solutions provide: -Improved plant efficiency, in terms of utility usage -Reduced utility usage, thus significant energy and water savings -Marked reduction of the plant’s carbon footprint When it comes to the retort room, Allpax offers industry leading energy, water and labor sustainability solutions. Please visit us in booth 3214.