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About Emerson Discrete Automation

Today’s packaging lines must accommodate an unprecedented level of product variety and package complexities, but responding to these demands with inflexible, outdated equipment and processes can mean higher operating costs, decreased production, and increased risk to operators. Emerson recognizes these challenges and is dedicated to helping your packaging operations effectively meet market demands by leveraging innovative technologies from its AVENTICS, Branson, Cascade, Micro Motion, Rosemount and SolaHD brands.

With Emerson as a partner, you’ll have access to powerful automation capabilities that help reduce material waste and scrappage; improve productivity through more efficient changeovers; and deliver quality products through a cost-effective approach that respects your capital limits. You’ll also be able to reduce losses on your production line and on the shelf by employing technologies that ensure the accuracy of critical measurements, increase machine availability and improve machine health and performance. And because safety of your operations and personnel remains critically important, Emerson can equip you with the means to enable safer interactions between operators and machines through innovative approaches that don’t force operators to choose between meeting production demands and staying safe.

It’s all part of our commitment to empowering you with the tools, technologies and expertise necessary to ensure your packaging operations remain safe, competitive and profitable.

Innovation Stage Presentations
We're pleased to announce that our experts will present this year on the PMMI Innovation Stage:

Maximizing Process Efficiency with Outcome Optimizing Controls
Alec Grainger, Lead NPI Product Specialist, Emerson
Innovation Stage 2 (C-1045)
Monday at 2pm

How an IIoT Enabled Pneumatic System Improved OEE in an Agricultural Packaging Application
Chris Noble, Business Development OEM, Food & Beverage, Packaging, Emerson
Innovation Stage 3 (C-1041)
Wednesday at 10am

Emerson brands include:
• Branson Ultrasonics
• Cascade
• Micro Motion
• Plantweb
• Rosemount
• SolaHD
• Yarway

Product Offerings:
Fluid Control | Industrial Electrical Products | Machine Control | Plastic and Metal Welding | Power Conditioning and Quality | Precision Cleaning | Process Control | Process Measurement & Analysis | Pneumatics | Predictive Analytics | Uninterruptible Power Supplies

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