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About LinMot USA, Inc.

LinMot offers its customers a sophisticated and dedicated linear drive system that can be easily integrated into all leading control systems. A high degree of standardization, delivery from stock and a worldwide distribution network ensure immediate availability and superior customer support. The company's product range is adjusted to provide the customer with all the necessary components for linear drive systems from a single source. Due to continuous product additions, LinMot is steadily extending the range of its linear motors. Its aim is to push linear direct drive technology and its benefits, making it a standard machine design element. The company offers highly efficient drive solutions that make major contributions to operational efficiencies.

LinMot is also debuting its DM linear module pick-and-place linear motor system, which boasts 30% faster speeds than its competition–all while being sold as a single part number. Built for parts handling, this purpose-specific robot solution is ideal for industrial applications, including food packaging and material handling. At the show, the unit will be displayed with a rotary table.

Also being shown is LinMot's hygienic SM pick-and-place, which is designed to accommodate even the most demanding sanitary applications while providing washdown efficiency. This sanitary solution is designed with stainless steel, offers either IP69 or IP67S-rated protection and is easily integrated into washdown systems for food, baking, confectionary and personal care items.

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Sustainable Solution Description

LinMot's linear motors can achieve energy savings of over 95% compared to pneumatic cylinders. By lowering energy usage, LinMot sustainable direct drives can reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 97%, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. With fewer moving parts compared to air cylinders, electric drive solutions are easier to maintain and less likely to break down. This can lead to lower maintenance and total ownership costs over their lifespan. Additionally, fewer parts mean less material waste, further reducing your overall carbon footprint.