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About Allen Field Company, Inc.

At Allen Field, we take pride in being the world leader in plastic packaging components, offering a comprehensive range of products designed to meet your packaging needs. With our extensive experience and commitment to innovation, we have successfully carried it all! As we gear up for Pack Expo 2023, we invite you to explore our exceptional offerings and discover why we are your trusted partner for top-quality packaging solutions.

  • Versatile Plastic Handles for Every Application

Choose from our diverse selection of high-quality stock and custom-designed plastic handles, strategically designed to provide optimal functionality across a wide range of industries. Whether you need handles for corrugated boxes, plastic cases, or any other application, our handles are engineered to meet your specific requirements while ensuring durability and ease of use.

  • Streamline Your Packaging Process with Box Connecting Clips

Our box connecting clips revolutionize the packaging process, extending the lifespan of your corrugated boxes while simplifying installation and removal of shipped products. By enhancing efficiency and reducing waste, these clips save valuable time and resources, making them an indispensable tool for any packaging operation.

  • Enhance Mobility with Wheels

Make your corrugated boxes and display units effortlessly movable around stores or during transit with our specially designed wheel systems. These innovative additions to corrugated boxes and displays provide exceptional maneuverability, facilitating easy transportation and improving overall efficiency. Experience unparalleled convenience with Allen Field's high-performance mobility solutions.

  • Secure and Professional Product Displays with Hooks and Hangers

We offer an extensive array of POP hooks, hangers, and display construction components that enable you to showcase your products securely and professionally in-store. Our meticulously designed display aids ensure your merchandise stands out, attracting attention and driving sales. With Allen Field, your products will always make a lasting impression.

  • Uncompromising Quality and Cost Efficiency Combined

At Allen Field, we prioritize both quality and cost-effectiveness in our packaging and shipping solutions. Our products are meticulously designed and manufactured to enhance the visual appeal and performance of your packaging, ensuring that you deliver an exceptional customer experience. With our products, you can effortlessly strike the ideal equilibrium between exceptional quality and affordability.

  • Partner with Allen Field for Packaging Excellence

Rely on the expertise of Allen Field's professionals to ensure that your packaging meets the highest standards of excellence. Our team of specialists is committed to providing personalized guidance and support throughout your packaging journey, helping you optimize your solutions and achieve exceptional results.

Connect with us today to discover how Allen Field can elevate your packaging and transportation solutions to new heights. Visit us at booth #8313 to explore our latest innovations and experience firsthand the simply brilliant advantage. 

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Sustainable Solution Description

Allen Field offers a full array of EnviroHandles – environmentally sustainable package handles that excel functionally while enhancing your product packaging design with an eco-friendly solution.


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