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About Carleton Helical Technologies

Carleton Helical Technologies (CHT) is a leading manufacturer of container handling equipment for the packaging industry. Our products include Container Cleaning Systems, In-Line Ionized Air Rinsers, HelixXPro (HP) Invertors, Cap Sterilization Units, Feedscrews, Feedscrew Drives, Carton Twists, Craft Beer Can Cleaning Systems & Invertors, and Parts Carts. CHT has a team of in-house engineers who customize packaging machinery to the specification of the container being handled. Our machines are made for the manipulation of cans, bottles, jars, and various other containers for presentation to other processes along the production line. CHT custom packaging machinery can be integrated to existing lines or as standalone units.

Container Cleaning Systems and In-Line Ionized Air Rinsers are used prior to filling containers. CHT builds custom container cleaning systems to the dimensions of the product/s specifications. Customers can choose from cleaning solutions, water, or ionized air to integrate as their cleaning agent. 

HP Invertors gently and rapidly rotationally position your products along the production line. The HP Invertor can be placed on an existing conveyor with minimal alterations. CHT utilizes the technology of the HP Invertor to create Cap Sterilization Units for hot filled liquid containers. Cap sterilization twists the product a full 360 degrees to ensure the cap gets a full soak in the hot filled liquid to kill any remaining bacteria. 

Feedscrews and Feedscrew Drives work in tandem to deliver superior control along the production line. Feedscrews are used to combine, divide, collate, rotate, index, dwell, de-nest and meter. CHT's team of engineers utilizes the most advanced CAD/CAM technology to precisely engineer Feedscrews for each individual application. 

The Carton Twist is an enclosed invertor, which allows carton or box inversion at various speeds. This invertor has no moving parts, is maintenance free, and can be placed on an existing production line for presentation to various processes.  

Craft Beer Can Cleaning Systems & Invertors have become a specialty at Carleton Helical Technologies. We have been supplying cleaning systems to the Craft Beer industry for over a decade. Our engineers have utilized the technology from our Container Cleaning System to create a top-of-the-line Can Cleaning System. The Craft Beer Can Invertors can reach ultra-high speeds and can be used to introduce beer cans to a the CHT Can Cleaning System.

CHT has designed Parts Carts for easy storage and transportation of packaging machinery parts. The Parts Cart is equipped with guided hinges and outlines for clear notation of where each piece should be placed. The middle of the Parts Cart can be used as additional storage space for removable machinery that requires more space. These carts can be customized to the parts that need to be moved, as well as the color of the plastic that make up the walls of the cart.

 Carleton Helical Technologies has successfully served local, national, and international customers for over 40 years. As a family-owned business, we take pride in every piece of packaging machinery that leaves our facility. Let us help you improve your production line container handling.

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Sustainable Solution Description

Carleton Helical Technologies is thrilled to introduce our latest innovation in sustainable container handling - the Green Invertor. Made entirely of recycled plastic, this eco-friendly Invertor offers the same exceptional performance as our top-of-the-line models. With the ability to rotate containers 180 degrees at speeds of up to 2000 cpm dependent on container dimensions, the Green Invertor sets a new standard in sustainability and efficiency. Similar to our popular HP Invertor, the Green Invertor measures approximately 12-24 inches in length and can be seamlessly integrated into existing production lines. As a valuable addition to our custom packaging machinery lineup, we are excited to offer our customers a more sustainable option when upgrading their production processes. Whether you are looking to enhance your company's environmental footprint or maximize efficiency, the Green Invertor is the perfect solution. Join us in embracing a greener future for container handling with Carleton Helical Technologies.