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PACK EXPO Las Vegas in Nevada will be the largest packaging and processing trade show in the USA this year.

PPi Technologies GROUP will have pouch making, filling, sealing, checking and packing machinery in our booth C 4828 in the Central Hall.

We will showcase an SN FM 060 form-fill-seal machine from our German partner, SN Maschinenbau, ideal for the dairy and snack food industries starting out with StandUp and reclosable Zipper pouches. The machine uses the latest Allen Bradley components, is PLC driven and uses less energy, lowers film waste and can produce pouches with the new sustainable films including single-source material specifications.

In our booth, we will also demonstrate a PSG LEE RT-110 Simplex, washdown, fill-Ultrasonic seal machine from our South Korean partner, LEEPACK, for beverages filled in Corner Fitment, StandUp pouches. This machine range is extremely flexible and offers quick, easy and repeatable 15-minute changeovers, recipe driven from the color Touchscreen with the lowest waste figures in the industry and 24-hour support. This machine is available in a 10-Station configuration depending on the model. This machine is integrated with a Herrmann Ultrasonics ultrasonic and cosmetic top seal mechanism.

In our booth, we will also demonstrate a PSG X-Ray machine that has high resolution scanning for accurate foreign body detection, using leading technologies for overlapping and non-uniform materials. The machine uses intuitive software for automatic product learning. The machine is an industry leader in bone and stone detection. The machine comes with a tool-less slide out conveyor and shields for sanitation as well as remote assistance.

In our booth, we will also demonstrate a PSG NOW combination checkweigher and metal detector, digital signal processing machine from our South Korean partner, NOW Systems. The machine comes with a full color touchscreen, electronic operating manuals, and a Smart self-diagnosis function. The machine is suitable for food, beverages, chemical and pharmaceutical production lines. Automatic product learning. Multi frequency operation with phase tracking. Metal detector standard construction is Stainless Steel, IP66.

In our booth, we will also demonstrate a Radpak case erector loader and case sealer from our Polish partner, Radpak.

In our booth, we will also demonstrate a Gampack Futurapack robotic case erector, loader and case sealer from our Italian partner, Gampack.

Stop by to taste some of our low-alcohol ShotPak® Cocktails and STR8UP® Spirits filled into environmentally friendly, StandUp pouches. Also, keep yourself hydrated with our Chilling Rocks™ Natural Spring Water and keep yourself going during the show with our 10acity® Hydrogen Infused 2.5 ppm Natural Spring Water.

Penta 5usa LLC and its daughter companies will be showcasing their insect repellent products, their skin care products and their water products. We also offer contract packing services for the following market segments: Repellents, Meditech, Supplements, Alcohol and Waters.

Visit to register as our guest. Our guest pass code is 54K36. Registration, which includes access to PACK EXPO Las Vegas, is free. PMMI is committed to providing the same experience you have come to enjoy at our other events. Visit the show website for more information on the PACK Ready health and safety plan.

A Greener Future with Pouches and Powered by Sustainable Films!

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Sustainable Solution Description

PPi Technologies GROUP coined the S.E.C.A.M.P. moniker many years ago in an effort to promote Sustainable Environmental Conscious Approach to Machinery Packaging. Our machines today are very different to the machine from years ago, e.g., we don't use any paint, the machines use less compressed air, and we use commercially available components that can be bought locally. Our machine efficiencies have improved reducing the amount of waste that is generated. We are also promoting a robust regenerative gasification system that produces Eco-methanol™ and forms part of the circular economy drive.