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About Graphic Packaging International

Do you want to reduce the reliance on plastic in your packaging portfolio? Are you seeking innovative fiber-based packaging solutions? Looking to automate your packaging lines or increase your productivity? We can help you accomplish these goals while driving growth for your business. 

We are the largest fiber-based consumer packaging company in the world, creating packaging for the world's leading brands and retailers. We also design and manufacture state-of-the-art machinery systems that will automate your packaging lines and increase your productivity. Our packaging machinery solutions include cartoners, wrap machines, clip systems, carton formers, pick and place machines, and more.

We’re excited to showcase the following machinery solutions in our booth:

  • EnviroClip™ 1800 – A high-speed beverage packaging system that applies our EnviroClip solution 
  • EnviroClip™ Beam Applicator - For the application of paperboard clips to multipacks of PET bottles  
  • Pick & Place machine - Designed for picking and placing a variety of stackable items into or onto another product or as a tray-feeding device at the front end of a production line. It will be demonstrating application of EnviroClip™ and EnviroClip™ Duo. 

New packaging innovations for you to discover this year include: 

  • EnviroClip™ Duo: A clip-style multipack solution suitable for varied applications in two-pack formats, including glass and plastic bottles and jars, that uses the least amount of material as an alternative to shrink-film packaging, and flexible and rigid plastic rings. The design is customized to accommodate the type and weight of container, ensuring the pack performs through the supply chain. EnviroClip Duo offers real operational flexibility, with equipment options ranging from manual to fully automated equipment solutions.
  • EnviroClip™ Beam: A clip that provides increased stability, resistance, and strength, as well as a comfortable and reliable carry experience. Different clip styles are available to suit multiple bottle types, sizes, and configurations. The construction of the design shapes the structure around the bottle heads giving the pack rigidity. Machinery option is available, in combination with other EnviroClip styles
  • Boardio™: Our multi-award-winning, canister system made from up to 90 percent fiber, that offers an alternative to plastic tubs, glass jars, and metal containers. Delivering creative shapes, convenient functional features, tailored low to high barrier protection and operational and logistical efficiency, this packaging solution is ideal for a wide range of products, including dry mixes, coffee, snacks, confectionery, and more.    
  • PaperSeal Shape: The latest addition to the multi-award-winning PaperSeal fiber-based tray portfolio. It's ideal for fresh prepared fruit and salads, dips and chilled ready-to-eat meals where a modified atmosphere is required to maintain shelf life. The tray delivers excellent rigidity thanks to the double-flange construction and is perfect for non-rectangular and multi-compartment trays as well as deeper tray formats. PaperSeal Shape reduces plastic by 80–90%.

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